All arithmetical and logical procedures within a computer/server configuration are addressed by its Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This hardware element is typically called the "brains" of the computer too. The pace at which the CPU carries out system instructions is usually referred to as its speed which is measured in Hertz. The faster the processing unit is, the quicker scripts and web programs will be executed, although the performance of the latter depends on other things too - the read/write speed of the hard disk drive, the amount of physical memory, the network connectivity, etc. All newer CPUs have numerous cores, that work together. Because of this, the overall performance and the workload which a CPU can handle increase, since every single core can process a number of tasks independently and several cores can handle 1 task that can't be processed by a single core.
CPU Share in VPS Servers
All VPS servers which we offer you come with guaranteed CPU quotas. The figures vary in accordance with the plan that you’ve chosen during the signup procedure. We provide a variety of packages, which will permit you to pick the configuration that you need with regards to processing power and cost. Several VPS accounts share the system resources of powerful physical web servers with CPUs operating at 3.0+ GHz, so your share shall be guaranteed and will be accessible to you at all times, no matter what the other virtual accounts are using at any moment. This also permits us to guarantee that if you decide to upgrade to a higher-end package, there will be sufficient system resources. This option is available via the billing Control Panel and the additional CPU quota will be added on top of your current account. The process is very simple and getting more processing power for your Internet sites shall take no more than a few mouse clicks.